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Mliswa Question Government’s Silence On July Moyo Alleged Corruption Scandals


Independent Member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa has questioned the government’s silence on the alleged corruption scandals pointing to the Minister of Local Governance and Public Works July Moyo.

Mliswa on his Twitter, highlighted that the likes of Minister Obadiah Moyo, Douglas Karoro and others were fired because of corruption but July Moyo remains in power despite the fact that all his projects does not go into tender.

“Surely something is rotten. Over the past few months we have seen corruption running rampant with practically the same players being at the heart of it and what is most disheartening is that our government has been watching and doing nothing about it.

“It is this shocking level of disinterest that has left most of us questioning if there is more to this corruption than meets the eye? Are there other more powerful players who are pulling the strings behind the scenes?

“As I said the culprits are the same, their modus operandi is also the same. Chief amongst the corrupt mob is Minister July Moyo, he is involved in almost each and every corrupt deal at the moment and he makes sure that all his projects do not go to Tender.

Mliswa added that Moyo is abusing Cabinet by requesting it to endorse his dirty deals.

“July has joined hands with one criminal by the name of Delish Nguwaya, we all remember how the same Delish tried to sneak in a shady company called Drax to supply inflated COVID-19 supplies in a contract that was said to be worth $80 million.

“The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Karoro was fired for stealing a truckload of fertiliser but July who is looting millions seems to be a sacred cow.

“Back then everyone blamed the then Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo for this dirty deal and he was arrested and subsequently fired. Delish himself, a convicted criminal was also arrested for the Drax deal and through manipulation of court processes he is now a free man,” he said.

He further said, Delish missed on the COVID-19 but this time he can back more hungrier and even more determined.

“Nguwaya has come up with an overpriced corrupt Waste to Energy project and just like the in the first deal, he has roped in another Minister, this time he has on his side the King of corruption himself, July Moyo to force this deal down Harare City Council’s throat.

“We have all read how July Moyo arm-twisted a compromised Harare City Council into signing this dirty deal, shockingly the once revered revolutionary ZANU PF seems to be tolerating this malfeasance.

“Curiously when Harare decided to cancel the Pomona deal, July’s Ministry took it upon itself to issue threats to Harare. We are left wondering why the Ministry would write threatening letters when it should be the job of the lawyers of the company that got the deal cancelled?

Mliswa added currently the Harare City Council Finances are in the red and they can not afford to pay $780 000 to Nguwaya’s company.

“It is worrying to see that the Ministry has now turned into a debt collector for and on behalf of Nguwaya’s company,” said Mliswa.

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