mlearning, a Powerful Tool For Scholars & Teachers

The Zimbabwean education arena is poised for developments that will catapult the teacher student interaction, whilst incorporating the content authors , the people who are the knowledge resevoirs and subject experts.

By Alan Shirichena

At a local hotelier E-Learning solutions unveiled an Education Solution Provider(ESP) platform that seeks to address the three pronged problem already symptomatic in education, overcrowding, text books and Infrastructure.


It is already known that countrywide there are schools were overcrowding is a norm yet again there are schools that are practicing hot-sitting, those days may soon be history. Text books arebeing photocopied and put in to circulation. Due to limited resources and other constraints, books are shared with way too many students hence compromising the education delivery and teacher student interaction.

According to the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Lazarus Dokora who spoke with a heavy heart concerning the issue. He highlighted that although photocopying is comonplace it is a criminal offence chargeable with imprisonment of upto 2 years…food for thought.

The Minister applauded the efforts of E-Learning Solutions a local company that has been operating since 2000 as it unveiled a E-Learning ,M-Learning product. The product does not seek to replace the teacher but it works towards empowering the teachers to bring a level of interactivity between themselves and students. Textbooks from reputable authors and publishers are incorporated into this offering catering for primary and secondary school scholars.
It is an engaging process that will even capture the attention of adults, our children are no longer interested in the traditional approach to education as can be seen by how they have gravitated towards platforms like facebook, whatsapp and the smart devices, left unattended your child will readily explore the internet, make phonecalls, view your picture gallery and without fail play games. It is with prespective in mind that the product was developed, reiterated Mr Itai Masimirembwa, the CEO of E-Learning solutions.


Technology is being brought in to improve the efficiency of the teacher. And it cannot be overemphasised that the 21st century learner needs to colaborate and learn using learning material that is engaging.


However although commendable more work has to be done by the private sector as there are 140 000 teachers locally so they is room for other players to contribute with Solutions to ICT in education. This being in line with the alignment of education outcomes with national goals with emphasis on ZIMASSET.

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Lazarus Dokora said within every district training laboratories will be put in place to train the trainers regards the use of computers and the imparting of such knowledge to scholars who are the future of the country.

The computers that where donated by His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe are testimony of the drive and vision of the President and the time was now there for them to be utilised, gone are the days when computers and computer labs were associated with the computer teachers, with the E-Learning platform computers will be used for all subjects, from Geography to History and Mathematics as the fundamentals of the E-Learning product were the same.

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