Minister Muswere Praises TelOne’s Smart Agriculture Innovation

  • ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Dr Jenfan Muswere has praised TelOne for innovating and venturing for the first time ever into smart agriculture an area preserved for agronomists and agricultural experts.

Minister Muswere in his own words described TelOne’s first as an “excellent innovation towards smart agriculture.”

The ICT Ministry boss also said

“‘I am positive that this is a viable initiative and we would like to be invited at some point to celebrate your results from your own farming venture and your impact on your clients who are the farmers. I am optimistic that with the thrust, you will affirm your relevance will contribute to our country’s agriculture through produce sales which have been promised to be all year round,”

The Minister further Stated,

“More importantly, however, is the opportunity to bring up to date skills to support smart agriculture. We look forward to this trajectory being aggressively pursued at that level and of course, we wish you the best with your own production.”

TCFL partnered with Easiseeds for the smart agriculture project.

The launch of the greenhouse by TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL) was done concurrently with the 7th graduation where a total of 166 ICT diplomas were conferred and 34 from the maiden Telecoms degree class.

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