Minister Mavetera Speaks On Cyber Threats


By Tarisai Mudahondo

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services Tatenda Mavetera has highlighted the impact of cyber threats in this era of technology advancement.

Speaking at the National Cyber security strategy conference held in Harare today, Mavetera said, “Zimbabwe is embracing its digital future in this inter-connectedness world hence the issue of cyber cannot be ignored.

“The impact of cyber security can be far-reaching henceforth there is a need to be careful in line with the Cyber and Data Protection Act”.

The draft program encouraged the need for cyber security for both internet users and policies because the internet gave birth to many irrevocable changes.

She added, “it is not all about technology but how it impacts people, finances and our way of life, awareness, collaboration and education.”

Econet Wireless Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Mboweni’s presentation noted the increase in the breaches in the use of technology, which he referred to as ” a double-edged sword” which impacts positively if used responsibly and negatively if abused.


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