Mine Claim Demarcation In Zimbabwe going Digital

By Tongai  Mwenje

Government will very soon be introducing digital system in mines for demarcation purposes and proper licensing procedures to fight concessions boundary wars amongst miners.

According to a close source the cadastral system would be introduced in June and this will enable miners to easily plot their claims on a computer and create a map that cannot be tampered with.

The initiative comes amid numerous reports of double allocation of claims which has caused some rifts between the mining commissioners and the beneficiaries in areas like Shamva and Chegutu.

An official from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development spoke on the reports that the ministry has been receiving from the affected candidates. He also hinted on the plans of curbing such an act of corruption which was also creeping in the small scale mining, the official said the ministry will be introducing a digital system come midyear.

The cadastral system will help in mining identification and also assure proper licensing processes. The official was so optimistic about the system as he was quoted as saying, ¨This system will work because it cannot be tampered with¨.

This then means that technology is the only best way to avoid corruption; the technological system if properly installed and monitored is very difficult to tamper with. The official said the new development would equip the ministry with a data base of claims making it easy for their identification.

Some members of the parliament also expressed concern over lack of transparency in the allocation of mining claims by officials from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. This new approach which the ministry is about to introduce will go a long way in correcting the unfair distribution of mining claims amongst beneficiaries.


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