Microsoft To Officially Launch Windows 8 in Harare


Microst Middles East and Africa comes back to Harare on an Open Door Launch that is to officially launch their latest Operating system to regional African countries.
According to a micosoft representative who contacted us, this is Microsoft’s biggest I.T. event organized annually in the Middle East and Africa region as they showcase their latest technology.
The event shall be held on the 12th of February , 2013 from 9 am at a local top hotel.
They have aptly dubbed the event “ Open Door”, and are currently advertising it on the windows metro like tab which represents their new stlye of tab based browsing.
Microsoft Zimbabwe
At the event they aim to bring customers and partners across the region the latest news and updates on Microsoft new technologies, products and offers. This will be the year of the big launches, with a special focus on the freshly-released Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 as well as all-up Cloud strategy.
“An all-encompassing One-day event, this is the perfect venue for customers and partners to engage and interact, while learning about Microsoft’s breadth of solutions, technologies and be part of the official unveiling of Windows 8 in Zimbabwe”, said a source

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