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Microsoft shifts into a passwordless login


Microsoft is upgrading its popular cloud storage platform to make it easier for millions of people to dump their passwords and activate to a password free environment.

The tech giant revealed at its Ignite conference on Tuesday that passwordless login would become a standard feature for Azure Active Directory, a cloud-based service consumers can use to manage their employees’ login chores.

According to Joy Chik, the Corporate Vice President, the Identity Division at Microsoft, around 200 million people who use Microsoft services have already abandoned passwords and activated passwordless login.

“Roughly 200 million people have activated passwordless login for Microsoft services including Outlook and Xbox Live.”


In a separate update, Microsoft  is eliminating a possible obstacle to go passwordless by implementing Temporary Access Pass, a new technology that makes it easier for users to sign up for new services without having to construct a password.

The Temporary Access Pass is a one-time, short-term login code that IT managers can send to new users. It can also be used to regain account access in the event of a crisis, such as the loss of a security key or a phone used for login. However, it is currently only available as a preview technology.


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