Microsoft Officially Introduces Azure To Zimbabwe


Yesterday, a high powered delegation from Microsoft touched down in Zimbabwe where they officially introduced a cloud based service for the Zimbabwean market, Azure.

Microsoft Azure, are heavily campaigning that you should “never wait for servers or infrastructure again, as they offer instant provision for both Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, apps and infrastructure within the Microsoft-managed data centers around the world.

By Marshall Saonga

In Zimbabwe Windows is mostly known for their Operating Systems in Desktops, Laptops and Cellphones. Today there was a schooling and introduction of Azure a cloud platform for Microsoft and the Windows 8.1 in Zimbabwe by Microsoft top representatives, making us one of 21 countries to have this privilege in Africa.

When one thinks of Administration and data storage in an organization, the storage devices get in mind, this will further lead to more questions like, “how much will they need to purchase a server for data storage?” “Where can I purchase the servers?” and “how are they run?”
Microsoft has answered those questions by introducing Azure to us Zimbabweans which is a server service provider for Zimbabwean companies and individuals to use as data storage.

Selma Karaca, the Microsoft Datacenter Middle East and Africa Product manager spoke of the need to look at the advantages of using the newly introduced Azure servers of Microsoft on individual and organizational levels.

The advantages that she spoke of are:

It is cheaper to use the Azure server services as compared to buying your own services because the organizations would not have to worry about shipping and maintenance cost of the servers and the offer of $0.05 per 3Gig, which is a good price for data storage.

Availability of Servers
Azure is a Microsoft-owned servers which ensures the availability of a server 24/7 and always backed up with two other servers so there won’t ever be data loss.

She spoke of having strong security system that is secure for information and data storage. She further went on to say that they work really closely with cost

S. Karaca mentioned Azure as a service that reduces cost. Instead of one worrying about purchasing storage machines and paying for their maintenance, she pointed out that it is now easier because one can just buy storage from Microsoft Azure and not worry about having the actual servers with them.
S. Karaca announced a very critical message of Windows XP not being supported anymore by Microsoft and so the security updates on Windows XP is shutdown.

Mr. Renat Minazhdinov, Microsoft Applications and Services Marketing Lead for the Middle East and Africa spoke of the involvement of application developers to engage with Windows as it benefits application developers financially. The application developers for Windows can now be offered a chance to be on top of their countries app list on mobile phones that use windows in the country.


Application developers can take advantage of the opportunity that Windows is offering, for example, Olaniran Abiola who is Nigeria’s largest paid windows game developer game. Olaniran mentioned that he was helped by Windows to increase downloads through Pub Center where they market applications and add ads to the applications.

Mr Minazhdinov spoke of Windows Asia which is a platform that has zero cost in making applications whether for iOS, android, blackberry and windows. This platform gives app developers a low cost budget on the application development stage by taking advantage of the zero cost servers, tools to help developers to be successful.

Microsoft allows you to Develop great Azure solutions using .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, or Ruby. Integrated Visual Studio tooling enables you to develop, debug and iterate apps fast too.

Well, techies, that is just a bite of the cherry.
More information coming soon.

Onwell Matienga

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