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Mat-South Villagers Appeal To Telcos To Install Towers


Matebeleland South Province villagers have appealed to Zimbabwean Telecommunications companies to assist in their plight of no network in the area.There has been poor network coverage after the only signal tower developed a fault.Both Rural and town folk in most districts in the province have bemoaned to the telecomms sector to install cellphone signal towers to improve network coverage in their areas.

Ward 16 councillor Bekezela Moyo said service providers had promised to restore the network.

“We appeal to service providers to fix the booster (signal tower) or install a new one to restore the network,” Moyo said.

One villager, said: “We are suffering. For the past six months we have been failing to communicate with our families. We really appeal to our service providers to help us.”

According to the villagers, they sometimes have to climb trees to make calls.

“Whenever there is need to make a call, we go up the mountain just to access the network and the question is ‘until when?'” , another villager said.

Another villager Portia Ndlovu said poor network coverage had also affected learners.

“Schoolchildren are required to do task related education which requires one to have access to the internet, but in this case it’s unfortunate because there is no network. This also applies to those who are doing business. A transaction can’t be made because there is no network connection,” Ndlovu said.

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