Global Mobile Trends, The Maslow (Part 1)

The fastest growing markets in telecommunications are Mobile Internet and Intranets . There is a growing demand for data connectivity. Mobile internet adds value to the mobile phone service and changes the core proposition and the business model of operators.

Alan Shirichena
Customers have a hierarchy of needs. Their demand for mobile communications has not platued as each customer need is satisfied, new ones become apparent.

“ Maslow For Mobile ”

12. Convergence
11. Content
10. Complimentary Services       (VAMS)
9. Customer Service                     (do they answer?)
8. Convenience                              (of distribution channel)
7. Cheapness                                   (of terminal, then of calls)
6. Compact Terminal                    (how small)
5. Coverage                                      (Where I need, Where I think I need)
4. Kudos                                             (does having the phone impress ?)
3. Clarity                                            (can I hear them when we talk?)
2. Connection                                  (can I reach who I want to?)
1. Confidence                                  (will the EMR kill me?)

Continuity                                           (Future proof terminal)
Maslow for Mobile is a model for anticipating what the majority of mobile phone users will want from operators.

Potential customers want to be able to make a connection that is clear and audible. A main reqiurement where the mobile phone is being used as a landline substitute.
Some will buy a phone to impress others (Kudos), after this coverage and cost become important. The ability of an operator to meet these needs better than other operators will have clients moving to them.

Once competition reduces the basic cost of service to a minimum, coverage is near ubiquitous for all operators, customers choose between operators on the basis of VAS (Value Added Services) they can provide.

VAS : this can be defined as what customers want, and this evolves with the market. Ideally these are useful services in addition to those offered by the Operator. To the accountant VAS is something that enhances profits.
VAS is a moving target, voicemail and international roaming were once considered Value Added Services but have become part of the basic service now and as new Value Added Services are identified these may also become part of the core service. VAS include the following Mobile Internet, Mobile Commerce, Location Services, Roaming, Information Services

Credits: Logica

Where do you place your MNO (Mobile Network Provider) in the Maslow for Mobile?

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