"Masiyiwa Showed Me His Vision" Douglas Mboweni

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Executive officer Mr Douglas Mboweni, recently opened up to tech students attending the official launch of [email protected] at Harare Institute of Technology, (HIT), during a career guidance session on how he joined Econet.

Speaking on his brief history and journey to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mboweni spoke in detail how he met the founder of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mr Strive Masiyiwa and how he was introduced to the Econet`s Vision, way before it was started.

By Delight Mawere
Mr Mboweni ran through his lifetime story and delved on how he was inspired by Masiyiwa before he could easily make the decision to join the biggest mobile network operator in Zimbabwe and second top tax paying company in Zimbabwe.

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Here is the full speech By Mr Mboweni.

My father came to Zimbabwe with his grandfather who was a missionary and he started teaching in the southern part of Zimbabwe and got attracted to some young lady and got married and out I came.

So I am hundred percent Zimbabwean and I’m very proud and I thank God for it.Mine is basically not to talk about the entire Econet story because otherwise we would hear the entire journey but basically just to give a snippet of my experience within Econet and possibly the best point to start my story is way back in 1996 on the 7th of February.

I can never shade that date away from my mind because that is the day our second child was born, Darling. He was born in Avenues clinic and that is the first day I also met Mr Masiyiwa as the founder of Econet and at 12 o’clock on the 7th of February after the birth of my son,the doctors dismissed me from the room and said that I could go anywhere I wanted so I proceeded to go to the interview because that happened to be the same day I had an interview with Mr Masiyiwa at Fidelity Life tower in the Kopje area.
So I went there and I must say that, I was not looking for a job. I had been informed by an employment agency that I needed to talk to him so I went there without something like what we call an agency and it was basically just to communicate and find out what they really wanted .That conversation transformed my life ,and the question is what is it that I found because I was fairly comfortable where I was coming from or where I was at that particular stage but it was the interaction with Mr Masiyiwa that was unique in the sense that I saw something that I had never seen before in a man and that is, vision.
Douglas Mboweni 2 at Tech@school
The vision was so clear as it was articulating what he wanted to do,except my mind thinking that yes I had come to this place without looking for a job,But something hit me during this conversation, it was the vision…..Ladies and gentlemen, one of the fundamental things I have learnt in my life through the experience that I had with Econet, If I may put it that the most important point that I learnt was that as human beings, we cannot go successfully through life without clarity of vision.
So there was a man coming to the engineers and to the technical people to say the technical platforms are in place and I believe that what we need to do is to put on our thinking capacities and make those solutions a reality. Let me say diligence is something that I believe is one of the three fundamental pillars of success wherever you go. Again Proverbs chapter 10 vs 4 talks about lazy hands leading to poverty but diligent hands always lead to wealth.

I used to think that no, it must be my relationships with somebody but no,diligent hands lead to wealth. Let me conclude by a scripture which I love very much Deuteronomy chapter 8 vs 18 that says “you shall remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you the capacity some versions say the power to create wealth and I believe that Zimbabwe is on its way to create an incredible wealth and the main weapon I see is this, each one of us has been given that capacity, It’s a God given capacity. All we need is to turn it on and I believe that nothing is impossible. Thank you very much

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