#Breaking: Masiyiwa Distances Self From Presidency Speculation, So far!

The biggest announcement that Strive Masiyiwa had promised to make will probably be the greatest disappointment to millions who had speculated that the telecoms giant and Zimbabwe’s most sought after  and richest man will announce his entry in to politics.


While millions had already , speculated, much against his prior warning, the telecoms giant had to pre-empt the promise which totally had nothing with what many people had rumored.


Four hours ago, the telecoms giant took it to his Facebook account and announced.


 #My Special Announcement:
In January we will announce an Internship competition for two entrepreneurs who will get an opportunity to spend time at one of our businesses, as well as one week traveling with me as I go about my business. Details of how to participate will be released before the end of January. It will be open to anyone (from anywhere in the world) who currently participates in my Facebook forum, and is familiar with things I have been teaching on entrepreneurship.

Masiyiwa Facebook announcement

Just as he had warned many people speculated otherwise, a move which he has blatantly denied and dampened any hopes in a follow up post to some Facebook fans who had sought an inquiry.


However news had done rounds on the 23rd of December that Strive Masiyiwa has openly declined to be involved or interested in politics. A certain Facebook screen shot has been doing rounds with this statement below, strange enough that statement can not be found on his Facebook page .

Masiyiwa presidency fake/ deleted facebook post

The post alleges that it was Strive who made the statement but there is not any evidence to support it.


Another school of thought suggests that its probably people who are also dampening any hope, by creating a fake FACEBOOK SCREEN SHOT to make it go viral and dilute the message.


Some analysts are saying Masiyiwa could simply be playing it low, just before the nation gets to election mood and he announces his move, while others say he could be completely backtracking from his initial plan.


Masiyiwa has never made any political statement himself but it seems the masses are making him their most favored candidate., which complicates everything.

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