Malawi Court Nullifies Election Results


The Malawian elections which were held on the 21st of May 2019, have kept the Malawian citizens on their feet.The results of the Constitutional Court which were announced by Judge Healey Potani nullified the previous announced results that had given victory of Presidency to Peter Mutarika , and called for a rerun in the next 150 days.This came after Saulous Chilima of United Transformation Party (UTP) and Lazarus Chakwere of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) claimed the election needed to be discredited as there were many irregularities.

Peter Mutharika who had been declared the winner and President had been given another five year reign with a 38.6% percentage ,ahead of Lazarus (MCP) who had 35.41% and Saulous (UTP) who had 20.24%.There were also six other candidates who had lesser percentages and amongst all ten of ten no-one attained the 50%+1 vote, therefore there could not be a winner.Duplication of forms, ballot stuffing, lack of signatures, the breach of one man one vote and also the failure of MEC to provide election material were all reasons that contributed to the nullification of the election as it seemed the MEC worked against the Parliamentary Presidential Elections Act.

The panel of five judges that went through the 500 page took turns reading it out.Furthermore Parliament was instructed to take appropriate measures ,one being to extend the term of office.Malawian Electoral Commission (MEC) also have to ensure transparency on the next elections as the last one had many issues in regards with them.

“It’s a welcome development to me to have fresh elections, there could have been some misconceptions and speculations about our democracy ,the verdict portrays the country’s maturity” expressed Rose Dunga  a happy resident.

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