Makandiwa's Mobile App Is ill! Check it Out!

I have reviewed more than 80 mobile apps created by Zimbabweans in my life time but this UFI Church mobile app on Android and also another version on IOS for apple devices  is not sick, its ill! 

The Installation file is not more than 10mb, and good enough to give it a try, though there are  some administrative issues they need to solve if the app should serve its purpose.

The team behind the mobile application deserves some thumbs app by moving away from traditional boring church products which are full of mediocricy and substandard front and back end, running on a basic copy and paste templates.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

As UFIC is currently live streaming their blessing covenant week  on Social media and Christ Tv channel,  it is a fact that Zimbabwean churches have boring products, boring packages and often want to force people to only concentrate on the product not the packaging, hence this one deserves the icings we are giving it.

I have been going through the mobile application from the login page to actual functionality  on a random stress test and surely, it passed on well with a few glitches and of course, as a user you can as well give it a go and  check it out as well.

inside ufic mobile app

The basic logon page is smooth and easy.I loved the social network integration which welcomes you,instead of the forced new login which in many times is nothing but a time waster.If I need the app to speak to me next time,I would rather get the updates through my existing details instead of creating a new digital life to simply logon to an app.

Ofcourse the opposite of this true, some people would never want some apps to be intertwined with their lives, well thankfully there is an option to actually register and keep the two separate.

One smart feature is their push to the screen notification on updates and live events.I loved this functionality  as  i rarely open up apps,unless it reminds me to do so.

Besides the obvious cool design on the homepage which is actually intuitive, the design layout and choice of colours blends well with the main UFIC church brand, without actually making any screaming messages. Well done on the design.I know good developers are usually bad designers,so lets dig a little bit into the back end.


The UFIC mobile app back end has a cool functionality of donation which connected to all the popular mobile money payment solutions, including PayPal and Zapper, and of course it has the popular Ecocash option.

I love the speed which the database queries and collects results, fresh updates are instantly changed on the fly to keep one connected the go as they have a separate cloud based server moron the fly instant updates .

This makes mobile payments or donation to ministry simple and easy as anyone can easily make payments from any part of the globe. For those new to PayPal, you can follow these easy steps to open a PayPal account and add your visa or mastercard bank details, voila!

The latest video and news tab connects you directly to live Youtube and Facebook updates and news, which gives one realtime access and information, thanks to the smart embedding.This also comes with separate social media tabs that links you directly to UFIC offical pages.

Emmanuel Makandiwa last year launched his personal brand, as he ruffles out from traditional systems of running church, while he has aggressively embraced digital platforms to deliver his messages across the globe.



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