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Makamba’s contact tests positive for Coronavirus

Barely 24 hrs after Zororo Makamba succumbed to the deadly pandemic coronavirus, Zimbabwe has recorded the third official case.

The revelation came through the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) update on 24 March 2020.

” As of today (24 March 2020), the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country is now three,” the Ministry officially announced.

The Ministry added that the matter came to light after the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory tested a total of 15 specimens, the majority being from the contacts of the deceased case.

“One male tested positive for COVID-19, more details to be provided.”

Meanwhile, Zororo Makamba’s body was buried on Tuesday under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Child Care in line with guidance from the Public Health Act [15:17].

According to images circulating on social media, Makamba was was buried in a private ceremony with a few attendees in compliance with the government’s directive of less than 50 gathering.

The images show mourners and officials who presided over the funeral putting on face masks and protective clothing.

Zororo Makamba was one of the two people who tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday.

He was admitted to the local infectious disease hospital, Wilkins Hospital after exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.

He contracted the disease while he was in New York.

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