Mai Jukwa Banned from Facebook, Some young lad claims responsibility

tatenda nyoni
Some few weeks back, TechnoMag investigative team has been working tight lipped on a case that is likely to cause serious disturbances on the world`s famous social network platform, as the cat is finally let out of the bag.

After confirming affirmatively that Mai Jukwa has been banned, we can also reveal that the young man running around claiming responsibility truly got the Facebook page banned, (not confirmed if deleted) although according to Facebook it may not be end of the road.

mai-jukwa banned

Like making an appeal on Twitter, via some dedicated intelligent bots, you can still get your blocked account to be unblocked after some few kind words of course of admission of guilt.
Its unfortunate, but we just now need to say it out loud and clear, besides ask any tech pundit, they will tell you that they can take down any Facebook page they want so long as they know how to mobilise people of different IP addresses to cry foul to California and in less than a week , “justice” will be done.

TechnoMag was alerted almost two weeks back, that the infamous/famous Mai Jukwa (depending on where you are politically) has been successfully banned from the Palo Alto based social network.

The last time we checked the page , it had more than 75 000 likes and averagely 2 000 plus people talking about it at a given point making it a sure hot page! Which by now could have reached 100 000 likes or more, and yes just like that Facebook has “deleted “ the page.

Ofcourse Mai jukwa was way too lower compared to her “estranged Husband” Baba Jukwa, who joined the game some months towards Zimbabwe`s General Election, a character who only picked that name to dilute her “unashamedly” pro Zanu Pf stance .

Baba Jukwa is currently sitting at 380 000 likes and counting, though we try by all means not to be involved in unmasking of individuals, it has been so interesting what people can do online when they hide behind the anonymity, though they still makes mistakes here and there to give away identity.

Of Interest are the current happenings , where someone has successfully lobbied Facebook to take down a 75 000 filled Facebook page.

The guy who would rather want to be known as Tatenda Nyoni, and well known in the social network world for running a series of “ Masasi a…” pages has come out in the open and claimed victory for banning of the Mai Jukwa Facebook page.

“Tatenda Nyoni” has multi Facebook pages with some of them of over 50-100 000 likes and has been at the forefront to motivate his fans to report posts and pictures by Amai Jukwa , causing Facebook to flag red the posts and pages before blocking it.

It is common cause that Facebook has millions of such requests daily but when hundreds of such requests are sent simultaneously against a page, this triggers attention and finally Facebook will then create an instance, a dynamic response to act on a demand which a human being may not thoroughly confirm before a Facebook bans the reported picture, post or page is acted on accordingly.
For “Tatenda Nyoni”, he probably witnessed the power of social network at a few clicks of buttons but probably he also did not see the golden rule coming into action here.

Bottom line is no one is really safe from Facebook ban or deletion here, the same measure which the Masasi administrator unpacked can be used against him too if counter attacks are well crafted.

The sad part of such actions is that so long as one can motivate his cyber warfare against a page and properly “convince” Facebook that there is a moral, cultural or technological breach or violation of standards , The Zuckerbag team is most likely to fall for it and listen .

mai jukwa facebook-chat

This is the dirty trick which may lead to an unprecedented social network fall outs averagely. Administrators of 20 000 plus pages in Zimbabwe are all well known within the circles and their survival is dependent on the relationship they keep.

To Palo Alto, California, this is a “bug” that you need to seriously look into before people lose their hard earned Facebook page.

This however does not imply that Mai Jukwa was not or was surely violating some Facebook rules. That right is reserved for Facebook and we will keep it that way for now. As for Mai Jukwa , We are engaging “her” for comments and also “Tatenda Nyoni” for official comments.

Keep watching the space as we solicit for the one on one interviews.

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