Local Startup Launches Cool Virtual Library App

A Zimbabwean startup has launched Zimbabwe’s first ever educational mobile application called Imasuccess  which gives ‘O’  Level and ‘A’ Level students access to study material from their smartphones.

The application launched yesterday at B2C CO-Working Space in Harare was formed on the back of growing concern of having to travel to the library when one can easily access tons of knowledge using a phone.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Found on Google Play Store, Imasuccess comes in with various features which make the application user friendly to the student.

Imasuccess chief executive Karim Subeli told TechnoMag that the application has a learning tracker which keeps a record of the users’ activity on the application and gives users access to class notes.

Imasuccess Team With High School Students

“On the app they have access to class notes of o

ver 18 subjects embedded there. So you just have to click the subject and topic and then you can scroll to a topic that you want to read, its more like a book in your phone. They can also write exercises and the app marks for them and records,” he said. “It has a learning tracker to monitors study habits like which subject subjects are you reading more, how many minutes or hours and the percentage of the tests you would have taken.”

Imasuccess CEO Karim Subeli and Managing Director Prof D Manatsa

Incorporating the growing concern of students who go to universities without proper knowledge of what they want to do in the future, the application also offers career guidance.

“Another cool feature on the app is that it has career guidance where we are trying to educate students if you want to pursue a career which things are to be considered,”said Karim.

Karim also noted that the application which costs just $2 a month is cost efficient compared to extra lessons.

“Its not like we want to do away with the library or extra lessons, the application is just there to complement. Imagine forking out something like $75 for extra lessons it is quite expensive but with just $2 one can access all the three subjects they’ll be doing in the palm of their hand,” he said.

“There is the QR stuff which we developed so we haven’t rolled out the papers like where students can just scan the paper and there will be a popout. This feature which can cover the rural folk doesn’t need one to have a huge phone its just to scan and it works,” added Karim.

Iamsuccess Managing Director Professor Desmond Manatsa said that as part of their efforts to make this application availed to all Zimbabweans they want to take it to the rural areas.

“We are not so much concentrated in the business like other platforms. We want to plough back into the community. You can see from the guys who are here, their humble background is not like those in well-to-do families. So our other vision is to get this application to rural areas,” he said.

Download the brochure and visit www.imasuccess.co.zw for more and download the application or contact +263 779 083 353 | +263 775 146 077. Imasuccess, learning made easy!







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