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Local Businesses Urged To Embrace Cloud Technologies


Zimbabwean businesses have been encouraged to utilise cloud services like Microsoft Azure to manage their data as these will assist them to address their day to day business challenges.

This was highlighted by Liquid Intelligent Technologies experts during a Tech Tuesday event hosted by the technology giant in the capital. Liquid is hosting these technology events on a monthly basis to share latest technology developments with local businesses. The sessions are open to representatives of the business sector.

Azure is a technology platform with an ever-expanding set of cloud services that is poised to help organisations meet their business challenges. It offers businesses the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications at any scale and on-demand using a pay-as-you-go plan.

Addressing enterprises and corporates at the event, Regional Chief Commercial Officer for Southern Africa at Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Hemilton Manika said businesses ought to leverage the cloud for their growth adding that with Azure, there was room for businesses to access their data and work efficiently from any device, anywhere and anytime.

“As we have learnt with the pandemic and the wide-spread growth in hybrid working models even here in Zimbabwe, there is need to utilise technology as much as possible now in our business operations. That way even if people have to work off-site for one reason or the other, work will still go on. With Azure, which provides multiple connectivity alternatives, there is that latitude to engage and work better together even if teams are not in the same location as it has great communication and collaboration tools and features,” said Manika.

“All that is needed is robust internet connectivity and you can ensure that your services are running when your employees and customers require them,” he said.

With Azure, a business can easily scale services up and down according to demand. Data can be secured while files are securely backed up in the cloud where they can be recovered and accessed. They also save on the cost of servers, storage and backup while hardware and maintenance costs are done away with.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will host its next Tech Tuesday event in the country’s second largest city Bulawayo, on the 2nd of August.

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