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Few minutes ago we witnessed the official opening of the Zimbabwe public sector ICT forum 2014, dubbed the Broader Way 2014 at the Harare International Conference Centre, a conference targeted at the government owned enterprises.

TechnoMag and Huawei are Live tweeting the event using hashTag #BroaderWay2014

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal & Courier Services in partnership with Huawei Technology hosted  the Inaugural broader Way 2014, a  public sector ICT forum which was officially opened by the Vice president of Zimbabwe Hon Joice Mujuru.

The Inaugural Broader Way 2014, an international technology seminar sponsored by Huawei around the world, came to life in Zimbabwe at Harare International Conference Centre, where knowledge was exchanged with International achievers in the sector and Huawei was showcasing their high technology devices.

The Vice president of Zimbabwe Hon Joice Teurai Ropa officially opened the event  which was also witnessed by the minister of defence Hon Sydney Sekeramayi and ICT minister Hon Webster Shamu amongst the high delegation.

The official inaugural opening of the forum saw a heavy presence of government ministers, permanent secretaries,   heads of state owned enterprises, regulators  and public sector officials.

Hon Mujuru said that the Zimbabwean government may have come from an agro and industry based economy but it fully appreciates the relevance and importance of ICTs to stir the economy hence it has been elevated on the Zimbabwean turnaround strategy, ZimAsset.

ICT has given the world a common platform for development, in a bid to move with the world and as Zimbabwean government we have  identified  ICTs  on our ZimAsset as a critical component for economic turn around”

She also said that such forums are a good sign and proof to show how government and private players can contribute to our economy.


“Strategic alliance such as these create a platform to share experience and opportunities to increase value” she added.

The Huawei Zimbabwe General manager echoed the same sentiments and pledged continuous mutually beneficial support to Zimbabwe.

This year`s inaugural forum is being held under the theme “Leveraging ICTs  for Economic  Development”

We will blog in Real Time With Pictures and text update  here


Broader Way 2014 stream

The official opening and speeches have ended leading all delagates to the photo shoot session.

The Vice president Of Zimbabwe with government ministers and also present Managing directors of State Owned enterprises  are all here present during the photoshoot as seen above. We shall be breaking for Lunch and the ICT Forum Resumes…….


Topical on the forum

Probably the most debated issue was the readiness of Zimbabwe to LTE, which basically Long Term Evolution,  part of the GSM evolution strategy beyond 3G which gives high broadband speeds of 20mb/s

TechnoMag editor Mr Toneo Tonderai Rutsito posed a question on LTE and how feasible the technology is in Zimbabwe especially looking at how costly it is to deploy , running in a nation where 3G is not being fully utilized and LTE spectrum’s are too far ranging from 1800-2700mhz frequency

Potraz`s Mr Muzhuzha said that Zimbabwean Mobile network operators have been assigned spectrum already on 1800 channel and they are not utilizing it.


Huawei said they are ready to deploy a technology that can monitor cities, towns and residential areas with surveillance camera

Imagine a world where you do not even need meter readers, your water bill or Zesa reports direct to the server

How can the parking problem be solved, Huawei showcased a technology that can help parking.

issues of road congestion and traffic direction with real time updates can also help most traffickers escape jams and drive times.

Broader Way 2014 snip

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