#LiveStreaming: NetOne Launching OneFusion Tomorrow! Here Is The New NetOne You Will Love

Everything you did not know about NetOne starts tomorrow, there is so much excitement and expectations towards tomorrow’s event as NetOne begins to write a new chapter in its history that is bound to change a lot of perceptions that we had towards the parastatal for the past 20 years since its inception.

NetOne to many people has been perceived as a state owned mobile network that is catering for government employees,farmers, rural folk and those generally above 40years and was never really in sync with the young and urban population.

From Tomorrow, everything about NetOne perception changes, we are not selling sim cards or  airtime bundles to them but extending a lifestyle to the young urbanites and entrepreneurs  who are basically at the the fore front of the digital evolution in Zimbabwe, said an executive.

If you are so excited about this new brand, you will not miss a thing, TechnoMag will be Livestreaming this event as well from our TechMag.tv Youtube account as here as well.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/gXDqHeIcDog” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes”]

[iframe id=”http://releasd.com/countdown/embed?background=%23e68f0e&text=%23f5f5f5&title=NetOne%20Launching%20OneFusion&datetime=01%2F06%2F2016%2018%3A30%3A00″ align=”center” autoplay=”yes”]

There is so much excitement and expectations in the NetOne corridors as they launch a new product that is targeting the emerging market in Zimbabwe.

It is a known principle that businesses should or people should write their own scripts in order to succeed. NetOne is doing exactly the same with the launch of it’s brand new “lifestyle brand’ OneFusion and NetOne will be urging the nation to go ahead and try the “New Lifestyle”

This brand is poised to change the current NetOne narrative to a new modern and urbanite type narrative which traditionally it has not been speaking to well.

Another  executive who is close to the development said we are  writing a new chapter for NetOne, and it starts with this new lifestyle that will dawn upon Zimbabwe in less than 24 hours from now.




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