Liquid Telecom Sitting on 40Gbps Capacity, Zim Using Just 19Gbps

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe one of the country’s largest Internet Accesss Providers, (IAPs) may not have been as visible in the retail market as they have  their Internet Service Provider (ISP) ZOL to  become the face of the company, causing quite a stir in the local market.

Recently the ZOL team announced yet another ground breaking precedence which in all fairness will make access to the internet a reality for every home user who is basically earning a living whether through self-employment or formal with their current $29 per month lite fibronikis

Denny & Makamure

Fibroniks Smiles: From Right to Left: The ZOL CEO, Mr Denny Marandure, The Liquid Telecom Zim CEO, Mr Wellington Makamure and Mrs Makamure


The ZOL Zimbabwe vision to make internet access a human right is slowly dawning upon Zimbabwe and to quote Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe Ceo statement while addressing delegates at the official ZOL Fibroniks launch he event he said.

“More people are concerned about internet bandwidth at events than food and drinks, it is time to grow from feed on ZOL Fibroniks”

ZOL CEO Denny Marandure said that  they will soon be announcing another affordable package and they were not just yet as they seek to make internet penetration and access a reality in Zimbabwe at the most affordable rates.

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe said that they are comfortably sitting on a 40Gbps capacity on their main routes while the total Zimbabwe capacity nationwide is still low at 19,7 Gbps, and the Liquid Telecom utilization capacity on its own is 11Gbps.

The Liquid Telecom access network to date is recorded to have passed over 48 000 premises and they are currently another ambitious 5000 premises in the near future. Their total link is stretching over 10 500 km and 4 500km of that is running under a high network technology is popularly known as GPON

GPON is Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networking running with 2.488 gigabits per second (Gbit/s) of                                                                                                 downstream bandwidth, and 1.244 Gbit/s of upstream                                                                                           bandwidth.

ZOL CEO, Mr Denny Marandure giving his speech during the Fibroniks launch at Miekles Hotel last week.

ZOL CEO  Mr Denny Marandure said that even after these major tariff cuts, they are still sustainable and these adjustments were voluntary are driven by a genuine business case not just market forces.

Liquid Telecom recently  announced that it has become the first Pan-African fibre operator to receive the MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) services certification, an achievement that cements its position as the leading wholesale carrier in Africa.


MEF is the global industry alliance and defining body for Carrier Ethernet. Its mission is to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. It conducts a comprehensive testing programme for the services and products of both vendors and operators.


This makes Liquid Telecom not just Zimbabwe`s largest IAP but a strong force to reckon with in Africa as the company continues to increase its foot print across the continent while directly connecting to the under sea cables for faster connectivity to the international destinations.


Nicole Madziwa

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