Liquid Telecom Introduces New Data Transmission Tech


Liquid Telecom has introduced data transmission technology called the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing in Zimbabwe, which is set to enhance Internet access.It is the latest technology for transporting enormous amounts of data traffic over metro or long distances in telecommunication networks and can scale to support many more 10GBit/s and 100Gbit/s services.

DWDM technology is responsible for carrying multiple 10Gbit/s wavelengths and can scale to support many more 10GBit/s and 100Gbit/s services.

Liquid managing director Mr Wellington Makamure said the latest technology will provide both Zimbabwe and Zambia market high capacity access to undersea cables that link Southern Africa to the rest of the world.

“The high-speed technology goes across the borders into South Africa through Johannesburg to link two Data Centres (Teraco and Neotel).
These two data centres are in turn linked to five undersea cables, namely SEACOM, WACS, EASSY, SAT 3 and TEAMS,” he said.

Mr Makamure said this development comes at a time when bandwidth requirements are increasing for both business and homes. “Liquid Telecom has prepared itself to handle huge increases in bandwidth demand for the business and enterprise market as well for the home market,” he said.

He added that this data transmission technology brings more resilient transmission architecture, thus the network will be available and is guaranteed 100 percent of the time.

“A fault in one part of the network will not cause down time since the self-healing rings work more efficiently in DWDM compared to its predecessor called Synchronous Digital Hierarchy,” Mr Makamure said.

He also said DWDM is a future proof technology in that it brings an almost limitless capacity to the network with only terminal equipment upgrades being required in order to increase bandwidth capacity.

Last month, Liquid partnered Ekinops, a leading supplier of next generation optical transport equipment, for its new DWDM network across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Liquid Telecom and Ekinops received the Global Telecoms Business Innovation awards for the “Best Fixed Network Innovation” early this year for their joint work in this project for building Africa’s longest single span fibre links. The companies have successfully spread out spans that cover more than 310 km without inline amplifiers.

Typical long-haul optical networks require an amplifier site every 100km in order to amplify the signal.
Liquid Telecom Group has built Africa’s largest single fibre network which runs from the north of Uganda to Cape Town on a single thread.

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