Liquid Telecom Fibre Cut Affects Millions


Liquid telecom, an Internet Access Provider and one of Zimbabwe`s largest carrier of carriers has faced a fibre cut in South Africa Polokwane causing a massive blackout with millions of Zimbabwe plunged in data darkness.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, was one of the worst affected Internet Service Provider (ISP) as they ride on the same back bone plunging over 9 million of their subscribers in darkness, who in most cases use their mobile devices for connectivity.

ZOL their official Internet Service Providers (ISP) had service disruption around 3:30pm and the customer service support confirmed that they were having an outage which they are currently working flat out on to see the service resume.
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe also poured on their apologies on the social network to their followers

For the past 5 hours now, there has been no connectivity.
We spoke to the Liquid Telecom Managing director Mr Wellington Makamure who promised to come back to us with answers in time.

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An insider revealed that there has been a fibre cut in South Africa, Polokwane caused by maintenance work which is currently taking on in the region causing instant disconnection.

However it has been confirmed the cut was not a deliberate exercise nor was it any work of sabotage and engineers are currently working on restoring the service.
Update: Service resumed Last night and we managed to get an Exclusive with the Liquid Telecoms Managing Director , Mr Wellington Makamure on the matter.

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