Liquid Telecom Down, Econet, Zol & NetOne Affected

The last mile fiber for Liquid  Telecom running from Zimbabwe to South Africa, Johannesburg has been interrupted since today around 12: 30 pm and we are now 3 hrs into downtime since the break. Liquid Telecom,  ZOL Zimbabwe and NetOne are amongst the top affected ISPs  including other small ISP connecting through them.

Efforts to get an official comment from Liquid Telecom were fruitless as the Liquid Telecom CEO Mr Wellington Makamure was not reachable, however, sources close to the matter confirmed the development.

I can confirm that there has been a fibre break around Messina (Johhansesburg) , caused by a caterpillar which was working on some maintenance work around the area, we are working flat out to restore service ” said a source who could not be identified. 

The same area was also once affected by a similar fibre break in South Africa again July 2014, and although the downtime was much lower than today. Mr Makamure back then explained the downtime which had affected their redundant link as well. 

We are not sure if all the redundant links have been affected by the same fibre break as well and we will update you as soon as we have an official comment from the ISP.

Ironically NetOne seems to be down as well and we cant confirm if they are using their last mile and what could have happened to their traditional back up of using other ISPs.

A quick check at Telecel Zimbabwe proved that they have data connectivity and a tracert confirmed that their last mile TelOne  as well is actually up and running, eliminating this as a possible national shut  down but rather a technical interruption at Liquid Telecom

TelOne Went down inside the day as well as they posted a statement confirming the developments

Update :

Around 5:30  today  Liquid Telecom restored the service and all seems to be normal for now, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe issued a statement apologising for the technical break! 

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