Liquid ls Giving  10 TIMES More Connectivity Speeds to Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe’s biggest Internet Access Provider Liquid Intelligent is currently giving its fibre customers 10 times faster data, as it unleashes the power of its infinity fiber network capacity.

Customers across the country have confirmed that indeed their speeds during the festive season has amazingly increased, for great experience.

The latency, congestion and usual wait time while downloading has diminished since the festive season, affording customers to have a test of better high end speeds.

In a Post Liquid intelligence stated that, “It’s giving Christmas vibes! Unleash the power of speed and unlock a world of limitless possibilities. Embrace the future of connectivity and experience the thrill of up to 10 times the speed with Liquid Home FibroniX!, the promotion shall run till the 31 January 2024.”

Liquid added that, “A truly connected holiday experience
Share all the festive cheer with loved ones in real-time, connecting instantly to celebrate and create lasting memories together, no matter where you are”.

” The promotional internet speeds are available to customers on selected FibroniX packages, said Liquid.

Founded in 1994, liquid is one of the largest ISPs in Zimbabwe, tripling in size in only 18 months following the acquisition by the Liquid Telecom Group in 2012.

They provide over 700Mbps of Internet bandwidth per month, run over 60 servers in 3 continents, employ over 90 staff across four offices nationwide and host over 3,000 domain names.

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