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Liquid Intelligent Technology launches 2021 Cyber Security report


LIQUID INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES earlier today launched its 2021 Cyber Security report highlighting the findings of the state of Cyber Security in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.Lorreta Songola the Regional Chief Business Officer, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Southern Africa said

”IT administration, need some sort of a standard security..where they can actually look and are able to support from a Zimbabwean perspective”.

She added ”where does liquid security come in to respond for keeping yourself safe working from home..” Lorreta was adamant inspite of the risks on cyber it is still possible to work safely from the comfort of your home inspite of the dangers associated with working without so much security that one gets from an IT well protected work environment.

Indeed a diverse population from Kenya, South Africa and back home Zimbabwe is looking for productive employment, social engagement, free expression, and increased global connectivity. Technology adoption continues to rise in these three African countries, with mobile smart device ownership growing exponentially, social media use increasing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming a reality.

Even the most conservative metrics show that Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya is poised to make great gains and help fuel global growth into the future. With this growing prosperity and digitization however comes new risks and vulnerabilities that could undermine progress.

In order for Africa to realize its full potential and to reap the full dividend from the development of the digital economy, the most important driver today for innovation, competiveness and growth, policymakers will need to implement effective policies and awareness initiatives to stem the rising tide of cyber threats.

These same policymakers, technicians, and other experts have long noted the lack of detailed and reliable threat information regarding cyber crime threats in the region. Such information is invaluable in assessing and managing cyber risks by providing governments a more complete and nuanced understanding of how criminals and other actors are targeting and exploiting cyber-related vulnerabilities in these three African Countries.

As such, LIQUID INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES , developed this report, Cyber Crime & Cyber Security Trends in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya to help provide insight into the African cyber eco-system as well as provide specific cyber threat information.

This virtual conference was done today Wednesday 1st September at 10:00 – 11:30 CAT and included a panel discussion with subject-matter experts from Liquid Intelligent Technologies from the three countries.

The report collated some feedback of IT Decision Makers on Cyber Security in the three countries among them being top security risks and challenges of working from home; and the investments that businesses have made towards building a more secure workforce.

Ross Moyo

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