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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Hits 100 000km Milestone.


Liquid  Intelligent Technologies has  reached  over  100 000km of  fibre  connectivity across  its network, Nic Rudnick the Group CEO announced today.

Addressing  press today  the  CEO  stated that

“Our  Network  has now reached 100 00km, we  are now impacting  more than  100  million, connecting  more than 643 towns  and cities with the latest  acquisition  connecting  3 million  people to a high speed network   in  DRC after  switching  on Mbuji-Maya.”

Liquid  infrastructure over  their  100  000km  is running  fibre  to home which  now passes  over  100  000 house  holds  with 1000  points of presence  running on  520GB  capacity  used  on  under sea cables while 88%  of owned  undersea  capacity  is used for their core and customer network.

The  fiber network which  kicked off covering  the  Southern  part  of Africa  is  today’s the  largest  Pan African  independent network provider.

Below  is  their  history in brief of typical milestones

Running  on a 10 000m North to  South  Network dubbed the  Cape to Cairo link, Liquid  has  today announced a ground breaking  move  that  has connected coast to coast  with  their East  to  West fibre connectivity .

The  three  digital corridors are  connecting  north,  central  and southern  Africa,  running  on  a 27 000 km fibre line offering redundancy  and resilience  to data connectivity.

The move will enable Liquid Intelligent Technologies  to easily  support  its recently unveiled  brands which include the cloud based services and data  centres with  huge  traffic while enjoying  reduced latency right across Africa, enabling super continental speeds.

The  move has effectively  moved  Africa as a connected continent  which unlocks serious digital potential for the next generations, as demand for bandwidth  and speeds continue to soar.


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