Lifeline For ICT School-leavers

The Campus Community Foundation (CCF) has launched a tertiary students mentorship program with the thrust of moulding the unemployed to disrupters, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Under this program, CCF intends to bring on board corporates in the ICT sector to mentor and capacitate students who leave tertiary institutions to sit on their disruptive and innovative talents. Speaking to TechnoMag after the launch, CCF Project Director Trish Hakata noted that they will engage corporates in the ICTs.

By Kudakwashe Pembere 

“Basically what we will be doing is that we will approach corporates that are masters in the ICT sector. We are going to be inviting them to mentor organisations. So whilst they will be mentoring organizations they are going to assist these students and teach them how to become a master at a certain industry,” she said.

She added that they are considering to incorporate companies like Astro Mobile, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Telecel ZimbabweNetOne and TelOne among other companies.

“Students can get information from people who are the masters in the industry  and also we are looking for them to get soft skills. Even in ICT they can be skilled but they need to learn how to market themselves as brands,” said Hakata

Addressing journalists at the launch, CCF chairperson Dr Eve Gadzikwa said the program’s core is to fine-tune youthful leaders who are currently looking for employment and even those who are looking for industrial training.

“Our main focus is to develop well polished global leaders with potential to be disrupters, innovators and entrepreneurs. Through this mentorship programme, the mentees will also have an opportunity to go to regional organizations and tertiary institutions to visit other top companies in Zimbabwe and regionally,” she said.

The foundation is also calling for applications from Zimbabwe’s tertiary students to take part in this program.
“Applications will be closed on January 8, 2017 and mentoring organizations and CCF partners will take part in the selection process,” said Gadzikwa.

Dr Eve Gadzikwa

“ What will happen with this program is that we will start with the commencement program which is the stage we are at now where we are calling in applications from students where corporates are also coming in to support these students, we already have some corporates on board but we are looking fore more to capture as many students as we can to benefit from this initiative.

“Then after that we have the matching stage where we are going to have different different students being matched to different corporates from their respective sectors. We are going to have perhaps students from banking being matched to corporates from that sector. So after that matching stage we will have a mentoring committee as well with our different partners and corporates who will be part of the committee.”

She also said there be an initial meeting where mentors and the mentees meet agreeing on methods and activities that will be taking place as they are going to be engaging as mentors and mentees.

“They will even be agreeing on how they communicate and different things that the mentors, mentees, the agreements, the confidentialities. Then after the initial meeting we are going to have the mentoring stage  where the students will be setting their goals with their mentors, where the mentors will be introducing the students to the mentoring structures which they will be going throughout the eight months,” said Hakata.
Hakata also said after the eight months, a review will be conducted with the aim of giving feedback regards the progress that would have been made.

Hakata said to apply, students can visit the CCF website

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