Let's bury our political differences and fight COVID-19 together – ZiMA

The Zimbabwe Medical Association ( ZiMA) has urged all political parties to come together in the fight against the spread of the pandemic coronavirus, urging government to intensify more measures of curbing the global pandemic virus.

As of yesterday Zimbabwe has recorded three official COVD19 cases and one death.

Government has been taking measures to curb the virus by promulgating Statutory Instrument (SI) 77 of 2020 to govern conduct of members of the public in a bid to contain and prevent the spread of corona virus by banning public gatherings.

President Mnangagwa also announced Government’s blanket ban on gatherings around recreational facilities such as nights clubs, bars, beerhalls, movie houses, swimming pools, gymnasiums and sporting activities until further notice.

In a statement on Tuesday, ZiMA Secretary General DR. S.M. Chirisa said the nation should know that COVID-19 is upon us.

And to that effect, Chirisa said it is imperative that people come together regardless of political, ethnic and racial differences.

The association commended government’s efforts to curb the virus, but emphasised on more measures to be taken in the fight against this pandemic that as claimed lives of many across the world.

“The profession applauds the efforts being exerted by government to ensure that the country effectively tackles this pandemic. However, more needs to be done to ensure no loss of lives”

“There is need for the government to immediately ensure that Personal
Protective clothing (PPE) is availed to all frontline personnel,” he said.

He further added that government should make sure that drugs being used to fight the virus in other countries are available at all COVD19 centres.

“Experiences in other countries indicate that Chloroquine and Lopinavir are essential drugs in the treatment of the disease. Government needs to ensure that these drugs are availed to all designated COVID-19 care centres.”

As it might be a challenge to import the drugs during such a time, Chirisa urged government to license local manufacturers to produce drugs for the local market.

“VARICHEM, CAPS , DATLABS need to be capacitated to enable them to produce these drugs locally,” he said.

He further applead for a lock down to minimize movement and gatherings.

“There is need for a minimum 14 day lockdown. This recommendation ought to be implemented sooner rather than later, ” said Chirisa.

Recently , South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a lock down in the country until the 16th of April , however a lock down here in Zimbabwe is being viewed with much criticsimd various opinions alleging that it is not sure sustainable in an informal economic sector like Zimbabwe , whilst others argue that it’s the only way to go.

Meanwhile, government has gazzeted compulsory testing of the COVD19 as the country records it’s third positive COVD19 case.

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