Leaked: Whatsapp Voice Call Is Nigh!


It was not just a grand standing announcement and we are closing in on that day when Whatsapp will announce their most revolutionary move .As we had previously highlighted, Whatsapp will be introducing voice calls on their platform, a move they are currently seriously advancing with leaked photos hitting the internet.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

For Zimbabweans, well the excitement is obvious, we rank amongst the most highly tariffed nations in the world with most Mobile Network Operators avoiding these tariffs via unceasing promotions otherwise the actual rates are way above 23cents per minute to call from any mobile network.

According to PC MC Mag :

If new leaked images (left) are any indication, WhatsApp voice calling will look similar to iOS 7, mirroring its circular buttons and blurred background image. The images showed up Friday on the Apple-focused blog iPhoneItalia, and purportedly depict a beta version of the new WhatsApp voice over IP feature in use.

The feature will reportedly allow users to make free voice calls with their smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi and cellular connections. WhatsApp users can already send voice messages to contacts—just press and hold the microphone icon above the keyboard. But this upcoming addition would reportedly function more like a telephone call than a voicemail.


WhatsApp’s Koum used the Mobile World Congress stage in Barcelona two weeks ago to tip the new capability, which will put the company in competition with VoIP apps such as Skype and Viber. The new feature is expected to launch in the second quarter of the year, though WhatsApp has not announced any specifics.

“We are driven by the mission that people should be able to stay in touch anywhere and affordably,” Koum said during a speech, as reported by Reuters. “Our goal is to be on every mobile phone in the world.” The speech came just days after Facebook purchased the application in a $16 billion deal.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp this week downplayed reports that the Android version of its messaging service is vulnerable to hackers who could nab user chat logs. Tech expert Bas Bosschert claims the app allows for the easy installation of malware onto any Android smartphone, but WhatsApp said those accusations are “overstated.”


Tech Radar Reports:

Alleged screenshots of WhatsApp’s upcoming Voice over IP feature have surfaced, and they show an app that looks a lot like iOS 7‘s Phone app.

The images come from iPhoneItalia, which also claims that besides the addition of VoIP, the new WhatsApp won’t be very different from the existing app.

The VoIP feature will allow WhatsApp users to make voice calls with their smartphones and tablets over Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been expected for weeks to introduce VoIP soon, but there’s still no official arrival date.


TechnoMag will keep you posted on the developments as they occur.


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