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Lancet Clinical laboratories In Line With Innovation


Lancet Clinical Laboratories, a pathologist center in Harare is well aligned with technology and innovation in its operations to remain marketable in the 21st century.

The laboratory initiated a Lancet mobile app and path portal services to provide health care in modern ways and is well equipped with advanced laboratory equipment.

The mobile app assists doctors and patients with the delivery and viewing of laboratory results from their mobile devices.

Speaking during the media on Thursday, Lancet CEO managing partner Dr. Muronda said the 24-hour clinic has one of the best laboratories in Zimbabwe and this is shown by the ISO certification that the Company was awarded.

“We have managed to improve our quality and the only thing that shows good quality is this ISO certificate, which means that our services are actually done in modern standards, therefore, qualify in every part of the world.”

He added that “ the lancet mobile app and path portal service provides to patients in accessing their results “.

Doctor Muronda also said the clinic works with other pathologists in South Africa who comes in handy wherever there is a critical situation.

“We have a network of the pathologist in South Africa that we usually liaise with in order to keep improving the quality of pathologist services in Zimbabwe.” He said.

However, Dr Muronda said the most challenging situation the clinic is facing is access to foreign currency since most of their equipment is imported from abroad and yet their services are paid in the local currency.

“Everything is basically coming from across the border that is Germany, UK or USA we then have to source the foreign currency to buy the equipment. We then have to pay for the duty and taxes hence we would charge patients considering all that.

“Most people are not liquid enough to be able to afford the service.” He said.

Lance Clinical Laboratories was established in 2010 and has its presence in all the major cities and towns including Harare, Bulawayo, Kwekwe, Bindura, Chinhoyi , VictoriaFalls, Masvingo and Marondera.

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