#ZimStartups: 'Kicking It with Mimi' Makes a Ravishing Relaunch

With five years in the online content creation circuit, Zimbabwe’s lifestyle blogger Ameera Murad Ameer monikered Mimi is determined to make an earth shattering rebound as she relaunches her blog Kicking It With Mimi

The plus sized woman’s blog  used to be a Tumblr one before she went back to the drawing board devising aesthetic ways for a massive comeback onto the virtual space.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Having formed Kicking it With Mimi in 2012, Mimi told this reporter that she was not off the grid.

“I haven’t been off the radar , very much been active and producing content but the site relaunch was more to celebrate 5 years of blogging and to give readers and followers a better user experience with this custom site,” said the curvaceous blogger.

Kicking It With Mimi Homepage screenshot

“The custom design makes use of bright visuals and was designed to ensure a user-friendly but enjoyable experience for online users .

Whether you are accessing the website from a desktop, tablet, mobile or any modern browser content is accessible and user friendly,” said Madede. “ It was an exciting journey from converting Photoshop user interface designs into functional front-end code to theming and plugin customization.”

He added, “There are future plans to deploy a recommendation engine, which will facilitate personalised content discovery and delivery based on user tastes and preferences.”

Mimi with Nollywood Actress Genevive

On Kicking It With Mimi, the blogger offers her personal and unique lifestyle through videos and photos, some which have sensual overtones while others focus on travel, lifestyle and events issues.

“The travel , lifestyle and fashion pages cater to all lifestyle interests for the online user. My tumblr blog limited what I could offer but now thanks to this site developed by KudaOn , audiences can have a better user experience and new features like events too.

The neat looking site has a slideshow of her  high resolution photos ranging from alluring ,  fashion, travel  and events images which are aesthetically appealing.


Mimi who formed the blog while conducting Media Studies and International Relations at the University of Cape Town has proved to be a force to reckon with a growing audience across the African continent.

Discussing fashion, travel, entertainment and African trends earned MiMi accolades such as the Zimbabwe Fashion Week Blogger of the Year 2015 and 2014.

The blog has also attracted local and international brands ranging from fashion designers , tourism spots and beauty brands. Mimi has partnered with brands such as MAC Cosmetics , Joburg Shopping festival , Dstv Zimbabwe amongst many others.

The success of Kicking It With Mimi and blog growth highlights the growing interest of online audiences in more personalised content. The new website is a must visit for the online user wanting to keep up with the latest Zimbabwean lifestyle developments. Kick it with Mimi here :



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