Kazembe Fires Warning Shot On Fake News Peddlers


ICT Postal and courier service minister Hon Kazembe Kazembe today in Chirandura breathed fire over fake news and social media abuse warning the perpetrators that government is not going to fold its arms as people continue to abuse the cyber space.

The minister slammed news doing rounds, stating that 26 government officials will join the national Netball team, “The Gems”, in London ahead of their world cup match.

Speaking today in Chirandura while they were launching a community Information Centre, (CIC) for the community, The minister said they will have to expedite the cyber bill so that it caters for people who are spreading malicious information.

There is no way government can send 26 officials to Liverpool, this is fake news, people are spreading malice, at a certain time people were driving news that I have even passed away”

The official Sports and Commisssion Twitter account however stated that four cabinet ministers will be attending the event, much to the public ire.

The minister added that the government is concerned by such tendencies and will be speeding up the bill to curb against fake news

“The government is working towards implementing the cyber protection bill to work against social media malice, we have long delayed the bill” added the minister

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