#ZimStartup: Karimts Tech Revamps Business Model

“Modern times call for modern strategies.”A local startup Karimts Tech, is spreading its wings using various growth strategies to realise its goals.

The company headed by Karim Tapiwa Subeli has diversified into a lean startup, now focusing on developing products instead of services.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

“I think the way we have been doing our business is the lean startup. The lean startup (model) means as a startup company you don’t have a specified business model, a specified plan or a systematic plan.

“The lean startup says as a startup, you discover yourself as you go along the way. You learn as you make mistakes. You go through mistakes. We discover ourselves as startups as we do, as we fail.

Karimts Tech Team

He went on to elaborate how they have diversified the company mentioning the products they are serving the public.

“What we have done at Karim technologies is that we have turned into a product oriented company. We even turned some services into products. We have two customer segments. There is a business to consumer company.

“That’s where we have an app we give to end users. Like an ordinary man in the street. We have software the likes of Iamasuccess, and we are also working on a food delivery app which is called Fara which is in beta stage right now. I think in a few weeks it will be out. So those are the apps we give to everyone,” said Subeli.

He also said they have a business to business model where they deal with businesses that wish to see their brands grow.

“ And then we have a B2B model, that is the business to business where we offer services to businesses. So we have a product called KeytoDev where we design website for companies, we design mobile apps for them, we host for them.

“We have another one called Converto. It’s a social media marketing tool. What we do, lets say you are an artist, you need a 100 views, you need a 1000 views, just come to us. Converto simply means converting something into views.

“If you are an individual, or a brand, you also need attention. And mainly we do that online on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and we have over 1, 3 million Facebook users,” said the Karimts Tech boss.

He said over 10 Small to Medium Enterprises have expressed interest in working with Karimts Tech to grow their businesses,

Since the official launch of the Imasuccess application, they have over 5000 student users plus 10 000 schools.

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