Kangai Bounces Back at NetOne


The recently suspended NetOne boss,  Kangai  has bounced back with some suspended  executives in  a dramatic manner amid pending  investigation of misappropriation of funds and allegations of supply of interest and a shrewd  FirstTel deal shrouded in controversy as the company has been reluctant to pay back $11m it owes NetOne.

According to close sources to the matter, the bounce back has been nothing but a political case which has seen intervention of the highest office of the president of the republic of Zimbabwe, on patronage basis to save Kangai`s face.

Reward Kangai

Sources whom we can’t mention alleged that there has been serious lobbying from the Kangai cabal on the background which made him gain sympathy amid allegations of personal differences and fall out with his ex superiors.

The matter could have been greatly assisted with the recent cabinet shuffle which saw the new incoming minister Prof Moyo reinstating Reward Kangai overstepping the current board recommendation to suspend Kangai and crew.

However Mrs Memory Mandiya Ndoro strangely remained on the suspension as the other three executives were quickly cleared off from the allegations, a move which has made the initial suspension nothing but a smoke screen which was initially targeted. 

Insider sources also claim that the new minister may be incoming with his own new board to run the state owned entity, as the current board runs its final second term, a move which has left many shell shocked and speechless.

We failed to get official comment from the ministry, or NetOne board, while they could not confirm or deny the latest developments but chose to remain silent for now.

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