Joseph Kalimbwe Ululates Starlink

Renowned Zambian political activist, Joseph Kalimbwe, took to social media to share his excitement about receiving Elon Musk’s Starlink service at his Lusaka address. In a post on [X], Kalimbwe revealed that he acquired two Starlink kits for a total of $1200, intending to use one at his home in Zambia and send the other to a friend in Harare, Zimbabwe, where Starlink availability is yet to be established.

The post not only highlighted Kalimbwe’s personal experience with Starlink but also drew attention to the pricing disparities between regions. According to Kalimbwe, the kits are reportedly being sold for $1500 in Harare, Zimbabwe, while he managed to secure two kits for a lower combined cost.

Expressing satisfaction with the installation process, Kalimbwe encouraged others to consider Starlink for high-speed internet connectivity, seemingly endorsing it as a preferable alternative to some African internet providers

“We got Elon Musk’s Starlink delivered at our Lusaka address. One kit is for my home use, the other will be sent to a friend in Harare, Zimbabwe as there is not yet Starlink availability there. My people received & set it up in Zambia. Am told one kit is being sold for $1500 that side. We got two kits for $ 1200”.

However, the post has generated discussions about the potential impact of Starlink on internet accessibility in regions facing connectivity challenges. As Elon Musk’s ambitious satellite internet project expands its reach, Kalimbwe’s endorsement adds to the growing interest in Starlink as a solution for faster and more reliable internet connectivity in various parts of Africa.

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