Jive Zimbabwe Launches Online Music Store


The three hour event which was hosted by Jive Zimbabwe brought artists, models and experts from the Arts Industry and various members of the public together to witness the official launch of an online music store. The event was held at Jameson Hotel in Harare.

Registered under the Zimbabwe Companies Act [Chapter 24:03] as Jive Zimbabwe Private Limited, the wholly local initiative thrives to enhance local music consumption in Zimbabwe and beyond. Its main thrust is to promote and distribute local art products and services.

By Tongai Mwenje

The company which started two years ago has stamped its authority in arts and culture industry by engaging and partnering with a local finance house (CBZ Bank) to help them make their online payment platform a success. In terms of content creation, the company has also partnered with one of the biggest recording studio in Zimbabwe, Diamond Studios.

The online platform has been received with much enthusiasm by renowned local artistes like Sulu, Jah Prayzah and Soul Jah Love among others.
Soul Jah Love At Jive Zimbabwe Online Launch

Speaking during the presentation of the product, Jive Zimbabwe Managing Director Benjamin Nyandoro said, “There has been serious interest from the artistes we have talked to, the likes of Sulu, Jah Prayzah, and Soul Jah Love among others, while movie actors and authors have also shown an overwhelming response to our Jive Zimbabwe platform.”

The main purpose of the product is to fight the ever-increasing piracy that has seen most artists failing to live up to their expected standard as a result of daylight robbery from music pirates. “We are trying to kill off the piracy industry so that artists will enjoy the fruits of their sweat”, Benjamin said.

Jah Prayzah also spoke highly of the product when he gave an insightful short speech in vernacular language, “Tinoda kukutendai nezvamatibikira izvi veJive Zimbabwe, zvakutibatsirawo isu sevaimbi tisarasikirwa nemari through piracy”, loosely translated it means, “We want to thank you the Jive Zimbabwe team for your product which will help us cub looses through music piracy.”
Jah Prayzah

This then reminded me of a speech made by the deputy minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira at an album launch some time ago; he said, “The best way to make profit from music is to sell it online platforms where it is also difficult to pirate. Can’t we come up with platforms like iTunes that sell our local music?” I am sure Jive Zimbabwe has responded well to the minister’s remarks.

The platform contains a package of various music genres, from sungura, jazz, dancehall, urban grooves you name it.

The prices of the products varies from singles to albums, where singles are priced at 0.49c and albums going for $2.94.For most Zimbabweans price matters the most, attendants had to throw some shots at him with regards to pricing, as many agreed to its high price comparing with the street price.

Sensing the resistance from the consumers, the Managing Director Mr Nyandoro quickly responded to the complaints, “Contracts differ from one artist to another or from one recording company to another, but will look into that issue of pricing to make the product affordable and user friendly across all our consumers.”

Shopping from that platform is very easy as one only needs to visit www.jivezimbabwe.com , click the buyer column and create your account for you to be able to purchase your favourite products on the Jive Zimbabwe online platform. Once registered, automatically you become a client for future purchases.

The beauty about this platform is that it doesn’t advocate for impulse buying as site visitors or clients are given an opportunity to sample staff of their choice before they commit their pockets to certain products and services.

Customers can pay their products using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and Ecocash Mastercard. You may also make an EFT and after receipt of proof of payment, you may access your download.

If consumers download/ order a product that is for FREE, this is indicated by the price $0.00, they will get an additional payment method called Free Checkout. Select that one to complete the order.

How stuff works for Sellers

Sellers are Recording Companies, individual artists with a collection of products, and those with rights to a collection of products, among other.

Downloadable Products – These formats are accepted. png, jpe, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, ico, tiff, tif, svg, svgz, zip, rar, msi, cab, qt, mov, pdf, psd, ai, eps, ps, doc, rtf, xls, ppt, odt, ods, xlsx, xltx, potx, ppsx, pptx, sldx, docx, dotx, xlam, xlsb, mp3, and mp4 files.

Physical/ hard goods – Jive Zimbabwe enlist services of established courier services, such as ZimPosts, DHL, and FEDEX, among other, to ensure that purchased goods arrive in good order. Courier charges are thus calculated basing on type of product, destination and weight.

Sellers also need to go through the registration processes for them to be able to sell their products and services via Jive Zimbabwe Online Music Store Platform. After completing registration as a seller, they will receive confirmation of Seller account approval. You are good to go!

Seller Permissions

Sellers shall have significant access to respective products activities. Sellers are able to do the following;

– Add and manage products
– Determine product price
– View sales reports including commissions
– View customer demographics

The launch was also attended by Dr Fred Zindi who is the patron of the project and also the CBZ Bank representative graced the occasion.
Proffessor Fred Zindi At Jive Zimbabwe Online Launch

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