IT Governance and Cyber Security

Issues of cyber security and IT Governance for long have been going unchecked in Zimbabwe. ICT structures for large enterprises cannot be paralleled to those of SMEs since the implementation plan and strategic deployment do vary.

Cyber security too needs all relevant stakeholders to give a microscopic review and revise against a back drop of rampant online criminology and new vulnerabilities against system and data security.

I caught up with an executive director and information security expert on IT Governance and cyber security, Dr. Richard Gwashy Young with ITGCSI to catch up on the latest developments on their initiative concerning the matter

TR: Just in brief what is the (ITGCSI):

DRGY: The IT Governance & Cyber Security Institute of sub-Saharan Africa is an independent and non-profit registered `Trust’ which seeks to influence legislative policy on ICT Governance, Cyber & Information Security, and Digital Forensic.

TR: Who is behind this institute?

Response: The ITGSI is managed by a Board of Trustee, which is headed by Prof. Gabriel Gabanda (Chair), Dr. Gilford Hapanyengwi (vice), Dr. Richard G. Young (managing), Memory Ndoro-Mandiya (Corp Affairs) and Nellie Tiyago-Jinjika (General Counsel). Additionally, there is also a 15 member high-powered advisory board which consists of international renowned practising practitioners within ICT Governance, Cyber & Information Security, Digital Forensic domains. The advisory board is an important component of The IT Governance & Cyber Security Institute initiatives. The concept of an impartial, objective group separate from management and project sponsors giving input to the operation of the Institute`s initiatives is paramount.

What is the purpose of having such an institute?

DRGY: The current gap in the market has necessitated the formation of the Institute (ITGCSI), among ITGCSI’s objectives is to supply authoritative opinion and guidance on all aspects of ICT Governance, Digital Forensic, Information and Cyber Security.

TR: But with a Zimbabwean background in mind, how are the organisations taking the initiative?

DRGY: The Industry (public and private sector) has certainly welcomed the formation of ITGCS

TR: When was this formed and I also noted that you mentioned influencing legislative policy how do you seek to achieve such purpose?

DRGY: ITGCSI was only formed 10 months ago – we are certainly excited by the progress that we have achieved in a very short space of time. We have been embraced by the industry including the government —and at this juncture we are working with various regulatory bodies to assist in the formulation and adoption of ICT governance frameworks (i.e. KING III, Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

TR: So what are your main objectives?

By Toneo Rutsito

windows 8 is here

Microsoft is debuting its fresh new operating system dubbed, windows 8, tomorrow October 26  2012 and  there is already so much excitement and expectations are high across the globe. Zimbabwe has also not  been saved from this frenzy as windows takes its toll as the most popular desktop operating system.

In its entire 2 decades of software manufacturing, Microsoft is about to release its biggest product ever after more than 20 years of  making operating systems. Surprisingly this time it has made something completely different from all its versions. The transition is huge and the success or failure of this operating is largely based on the user experience, marketing structure and the package itself.

Of all its predecessors, windows XP has proved to be Microsoft`s most popular trademark and even after launching windows vista and  windows7,  more than 12 years later, Some  Zimbabwean users are still comfortable and preferred the XP to any platform.

Ironically October is not only the biggest month for Microsoft, all the technological giants seem determined to be in the spotlight too either to get the attention with or from Microsoft.

On Oct. 26, in New York City, Microsoft will roll out its new operating system, Windows 8, and highly anticipated laplet, the Surface RT. Three days later Oct. 29, it will host an event in San Francisco to formally launch Windows Phone 8. Finally, on Oct. 30, back in Redmond, there’s Microsoft’s giant developer conference, and we have been kept guessing on this event.

Well, on the 16th — the same day Microsoft announced Surface RT pricing, availability, and pre-orders — Apple sent out an invitation to an iPad mini event on October 23, just days before Microsoft’s big show in New York. Google announced its own Android event on Oct. 29, which will take place just three hours before Microsoft’s launch in San Francisco.

From tomorrow, expect so much online noise, the launch will be live on most technology and news websites there  has been fair and balanced reviews but  more worrying are sponsored articles which have already gone all the way to convince their readers that this is the panacea to completely embrace with a shut mind.

Whenever Microsoft launches a product of such magnitude, debates will flare across the social networks and blogs, and believe me this will be one quiet interesting to follow mainly because traditionally Microsoft has its own die hard fans and serious critics but it would be fair to give the ordinary users out there an unbiased assessment to help them make the next most critical decision.

Reviewing a Microsoft product always  feels like Treading on high tides . in this inception I will  try my level best to focus on the product launch than review  and save the energy for the inevitable debates  much more space later on.

Well the honest truth is no matter how we  feel about windows  every new PC that you are going to import  or buy  from authorized dealers  soon or later will come preinstalled with windows 8. Ofcourse in Zimbabwe this will take off at a much slower pace before we start seeing these new machines but for that next big corporate acquisition, buying in bulk and  the usual excitement of  buying the “latest specs”, we are going to end up with windows 8.

More on that from technoMag, get your copy.

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