Is Mobile Payment The Next Big Tech Investment?

We all know how convenient mobile payment platforms are, especially on an international level. Its such a drag seeing something online and wanting it so bad but not having the means to get it before its scooped away.

In Zimbabwe we celebrated when most mobile carriers launched their mobile payment platforms, that meant our lives where now easier but none really broke the ceiling in terms of becoming an international payment platform.

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

The answer may lay with apple inc. according to rumors (reliable rumors) the iphone maker is embarking on such, they (apple) are seriously considering having a mobile payment platform.
It will be interesting how this could transcend for us in Africa or Zimbabwe for that matter, since already the paypals and other online payment systems seem a bit restricted when it comes to our country.

I would have loved to see the likes of eco cash, tele cash, one wallet, breaking the ceiling. Maybe its in the pipe line but seriously, we need to get on board. As for Apple , here is more from the source:

Several clues have surfaced over the past few months that point to Apple working on its own mobile payments business. We’ve seen patent filings, rumors of secret meetings, and analyst predictions.
Now, the company appears to be hiring for two new senior electronic payments positions, according to Re/code.

Citing anonymous sources, Re/code writes that Apple is looking to fill positions for head of product and head of business development.


“Their ambitions are very, very serious,” one of the sources told Re/code.Apple already lets hundreds of millions of users buy music, books, and apps through an iTunes account linked to their credit cards. So, expanding this payment process into a digital wallet, or some other sort of mobile payment service, could be a feasible shift for the company.

In January, it was rumored that Apple was exploring a move beyond the digital realm into letting users pay for physical goods and services — such as clothes or a taxi ride — with an iTunes account. Reportedly, Apple has been conducting on-going meetings with industry executives to discuss the topic.

credit :Cnet

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