Is Econet Cheating or only getting Smarter on 10cents

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
So far so good as Econet is now fighting competitors in a much more fair manner and we were pleased to note that for the first time in the history of Zimbabwean Telecoms, tarrifs has been slashed by as much as 60%.

This is surely a first from Econet considering that they are also not calling this a promotion, ofcourse I am personally so sceptical of that notion since Econet Wireless business would be crippled should they consider that move indefinitely, especially now.

Before we even start celebrating as subscribers, it is worth noting that Econet Wireless has either had some serious technical difficulties in implementing the same 60% they are purportedly advertising across media houses or maybe they are just delaying it to have the final big bites before they finally settle for their daily granules.

On that notion it beg the question why a corporate like Econet Wireless would publish a statement and claim that offers would be realised with immediate yet the 8 million subscribers continued to make calls at 22cents anticipating a discount that never came.

As it stands, its 4 days after the official release yet none has actually seen the benefits for the intra calls, making all the celebrations premature and unfortunately it’s only gift that you need to await for.

While the news is already circulating in the public domain, we wonder then if Econet will actually discount subscribers the extra 12 cents they are already charging.

Another school of thought will bring an idea that Econet has just taken Zimbabweans for a ride! Fully knowing that the subscribers will just do nothing, bringing back old scars of disappearing balances which all went in the thin air without formal apology or explanation.

Although their Press release and print media adverts clearly stated that you get 10cents

1)Anytime Anywhere
2)No Conditions
3). No strings attached
We did not set these conditions, they set them.

It would be appropriate for us to say Econet has taken subscribers for a ride!

After confirming with Econet Wireless Communication Officer, Mr Rangarirai Mberi, He confirmed that the 10cents automatic rates have been applied since Friday when you make calls to other networks from Econet.

He however said for intra calls, that is Econet to Econet, you will need to first go through the conversion process of dialling *140# or preferably as they had initially launched the promo last week you go through the *140*4# procedure to actually convert your airtime into bundles.

Considering that this was not written anyway as part of their publicist, it means Econet has just gotten clever by not automatically converting the $1 into the bundles in the first place.

What does this mean to the rest of the people in remote areas who can not access information easily through blogs or social networks due to conversancy issues.

If an ordinary man in the capital city can not easily access this same information also, then who really is benefiting from the 10cents promotion. This simply means the move was done to stop a mass exodus from Econet to other networks.

Needless to say, whether it was a normal technical glitch or calculated move , we have tried and all but failed to actually convert the airtime into the bundles for discounted rates.

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