iPhone 6, Brings The World`s Unbreakable, Scratch Free Screen


So much talk about how expensive mobile phones can withstand impact and force to become shatter and scratch resistant, this is because it takes one a great sacrifice to part with their moneys just to purchase top brand cellphones only to have the same phones breaking screens most of the times they are broken.

Today iPhone has changed the mobile front glass screen talk by introducing a strong stress and scratch free screen made of sapphire crystal display. This material on the iPhone screen is crystal clear, very strong to the extent that iPhone is calling for extreme stress tests on it.

iphone 4.7 inch display

There has been footage by MKHD Tech videos, showing how the front glass withstanding hard knife pokes which where being jabbed onto the the screen.

iphone 6 (5)

The front glass proved to be so strong that it doesn’t break and certainly will not shatter,the stress test even went on to the extent of having the screen bended whilst in was being stepped on and it did not break.As for scratches the stress test was performed using keys, rubbing the screen viciously and the screen did not get a single scratch.

iPhone 6 (7) - Copy

The iPhone front glass is not only strong but clearer for visual purposes and paper size thin thickness which justifies that it’s lighter in weight. The iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 inch screen judging from the size of the front glass , so much to look forward to as iPhone leaks its screen glass. We can only wonder what is next.

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