Iphone 14, The Best SmartPhone You Will Ever Need


Apple has pushed its limitations, way above what most people had anticipated creating their first ever  A16 Bionic SoC based processor running a satellite capable antena with a first time ever 48Mega pixel front camera and all day battery life. 

For most Zimbabweans, the biggest question would be price, but if you are an apple fanatic, you would know what it means when apple pushes hardware experience supported by powerful IOS software, the result will be magic.

Apple has already done so much push in the hardware, which already comes supported with IOS 16 software,  a pool of artificial intelligence that reimagines reality.

While the phone is set to drop for only $1000 usd for the international market, the Zimbabwean market will likely  have this gadget around $2000 as the 13pro is still selling above $1 500.00.

However what will make the iphone 14 a unique phone is its new breath taking hardware capability powered by this a giant A16 processor, new cameras sizes and lense with low light technology, the smartphone also carried Samsung screen technology for always on functionality

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