Invest in Digital Marketing, Companies told

Local corporates have been urged to set aside a budget on digital marketing for their brands to have massive presence on the virtual space.

In a sideline interview, Just Palm digital marketing expert and CEO Patrick Palmi said Zimbabwe is ripe to take on digital marketing.

“In my personal opinion Zimbabwe internet penetration is growing fast than many African countries, so from a digital perspective Zimbabwe is ready to start embracing digital marketing,” he said.

He said corporate executives should start consider sparing some money towards digital marketing.

The Just Palm boss who had a stint in the country noted he pulled his business out of Zimbabwe because corporates were reluctant to set aside a budget for digital marketing.

“Business in Zimbabwe it went well but we had to pull out because of various budget constraints from a budget perspective. The budgets, if you compare the digital budget in South Africa versus Zimbabwe it’s not yet there to justify our full presence here in Zimbabwe as yet.

Justpalm during its stint in Zimbabwe worked with Econet Wireless and Unilever Zimbabwe.

With Zimbabwe’s internet penetration standing at 46 percent, companies could heavily manipulate this rate to expand their brand visibility.

Digital Future Conference

Most Zimbabweans spend most their time on the internet, largely on Facebook, Twitter among other platforms, thus companies could reach their local clientele on these platforms.\

Speaking at the Techzim/TBWA Digital Future 2017 Conference in Harare, Google Technical Solutions consultant Dane Knezic said business needed to have greater understanding of their online users.

“Often on the big story you sort of forget about looking and considering what happens with users six or 12 months down the track, how they are re-engaging on the website, coming back and also how they are engaging on different devices. So understanding the demographics of those users over time and seeing their engagement over time can give you powerful insights as part of your monetisation strategy,” he said.

“So having insight into the referral sources (devices) and where those leads are coming from gives you an insight into where to put more effort in interacting with those communities.”

However, there are some companies in Zimbabwe such as Econet Wireless, Telecel Zimbabwe which have heavy presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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