Introducing "Friday Hacks!",your Do It Yourself Guides

TechnoMag from Today Friday the 22nd of May has introduced #FridayHacks!, this is your weekly handy do it yourself guides column which seeks to empower the reader to achieve various skills on many technological tasks.
The Column which has already been covering the same issues under our DIY and tech experts Speak has now become a featured Friday insert hoping to help both newbies and experts hack their way out!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Various experience on technological challenges will also be exchanged on the column so that we also get to hear it from the horse`son how some gurus are solving the same problems that we are likely or already facing.
android image
We will cover issues like security,OS, hardware, software, mobile and many more.
Of course some of these tips are online and we will try to localise them to suite your daily challenges.
if you are an expert, feel free to contribute how you managed to do it by simply mailing me at editor, please ignore the space on the email address.

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