Introducing 11th Gen Intel Core vPro, Intel Xeon W-11000E Series, and Intel Celeron processors enhanced for IoT.


Meet the needs of compute-intensive, heavy-duty edge workloads; help satisfy rugged and thermal requirements; and benefit from real time and functional safety capabilities. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro®, Intel® Xeon® W-11000E series, and Intel® Celeron® processors are designed specifically for high-bandwidth and powerful applications. These processors come in two classes—embedded and industrial—to help expand portfolios with greater flexibility, creativity, and right-fit solutions.

Performance, reliability, and long-life product availability

This new platform features a two-package solution with a separate CPU and Platform Controller Hub (PCH). Paired CPU-PCH SKU offerings offer greater variety so that solution providers can choose the best architecture for each use case, and end customers benefit from extended durability and reliability to help safeguard their investments.

What’s included:

• Support for real-time computing and functional safety on select SKUs
• Extended product life cycles to support long-term, stable road maps
Exceptional expandability for more flavors of configuration With 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes on the CPU and up to 24 PCIe 3.0 lanes on the PCH, the platform can support extensive high-speed storage, accelerators, discrete graphics, and Ethernet controllers. Four integrated Thunderbolt™ 4/USB4 ports support peripherals and monitors, while 30 programmable high-speed I/Os on the PCH provide extensive, flexible connectivity for cameras, SATA, or additional USB ports. Simultaneously stream, process, and analyze 8K video

Computer vision is becoming more accessible and easier to deploy at the edge; meanwhile, industrial applications are looking to implement rich user interfaces that give operators more control and manageability over equipment. This CPU platform helps meet emerging demands with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics, featuring up to two video decode boxes and four display pipes. The platform can process up to 40 simultaneous streams of 1080p 30fps video and output four channels of 4K or one channel of 8K video.

Hardware-enabled AI acceleration

Build accelerated deep learning computer vision and AI inferencing applications in parallel with other core functions. AI and deep learning inference can run on the integrated GPU via the INT8 data type, or on the CPU in FP32, FP16 or INT8. Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) can combine three instructions into one, accelerating inference processing by reducing computational resources needed.

Support real-time computing

Available on select processors, Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC) and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) enable real-time use cases. Intel provides tools, libraries, and APIs that simplify real-time tuning for proprietary and open source systems. Supported real￾time hypervisors and operating systems include ACRN, Wind River VxWorks, and Real-Time Systems.

Functional safety capabilities on select SKUs

Businesses can make full use of the integrity features embedded in Intel® hardware when designing their safety concepts. Select SKUs in this platform come with the Intel® Functional Safety Essential Design Package (Intel® FSEDP), a document package that helps developers connect
hardware-enabled capabilities to software functions in support of functional safety. This helps reduce time to market by simplifying core processes in meeting safety standards, including metric computation, validation, and systemic failure analysis.

Open, standards-based, cross-architecture programming model

Intel® oneAPI is an industry-wide initiative to simplify development across diverse architectures with “write once, deploy anywhere” flexibility. Developers benefit from the ability to reuse code across varying hardware targets and to fine-tune performance for different accelerators in a heterogeneous environment.

Help harden platforms and thwart attacks

Embedded devices and industrial controls are vulnerable to weaknesses in the network and on-site tampering. To help combat these threats, select SKUs offer the best of Intel vPro® platform management and hardware-enabled security capabilities:
• Intel® Total Memory Encryption (Intel® TME): Hardware-enabled encryption of data in memory, including credentials and keys, helps defend against cold boot attacks if thieves remove memory modules from a system.
• Intel® Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (Intel® CET): Analyzes code execution and data flow to help prevent browser-based malware attacks that try to extract data via ROP, JOP, and COP.
• Key Locker: Enabled by Intel® AES-NI instruction
ENCODEKEY, this solution helps protect private keys with accelerated encrypt/decrypt operations.
• Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT):
Extends the capabilities of the Intel vPro platform with, out-of-band device management via cloud, wired, or wireless connection, allowing IT to troubleshoot devices remotely or even recover devices if the OS is compromised.

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