Interview: From Astro Market To Mobi Store, Exciting Gateway For Local Content.

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

Astro CEO Mr Munyaradzi Gwatidzo prompted us to  revelations that they will be upgrading their  Astro Market to Mobi store, an exciting opportunity for local content as they open the online store for local music  artists, local app developers and international apps too which they will be officially launching during the upcoming e-Tech Africa Exhibition.

This ofcourse was an an intersting development which we had to investigate. Our editor went behind the scenes to acquire Intel on the Astro’s mobi project, below is an extract of an interview he had with the Head of Development at Astro.


The major advantages offered to local players amongst the top are, easy online visibility, potential revenue generation, easy remote uploading for content creators and security against piracy. Outside that the mobi store will also return most generic features from the common market stores plus books and  local wallpapers to spice it up.

Editor : We understand you are launching a store market, What’s the difference between your (Astro’s) Mobi store and the apple store or android play store (google  play store) we already have

Astro : they may be the same, the only difference is that we are going to control our content as we want it to be best suited for our African market, we want apps that are going to be directly linked to our day to day life as Africans.

Editor :  Tell us what’s the drive behind Astro’s Mobi Store

Astro : We made it for our African  market,  we know our market better as Africans ,basically we want to provide a platform  that gives our own  developers  (African)  the opportunity to develop their apps (which suit our day to day life as Africans ) and place them on our mobi store.

Editor : Who are  your targeted developers ?

Astro :We are open to any developer in the world that wants to put their apps on our store however, we shall be putting high priority  for Zimbabwean  developers  for we are launching from Zimbabwe and also in that respect  , our payment platforms are also best suited for Zimbabweans. There are a lot of players that want to integrate with us such as Ecocash which is also Zimbabwean based , aside from our own (Astros) payment platform .

Editor : so how are the revenue shares for the developers , have you set a revenue model?

Astro : we are still negotiating on our part but, our main focus is to provide an easy and convenient platform for developers to place their apps. As for the revenue model, for the time being that can’t be disclosed to the public but official information will be released through proper channels soon.
We are not only focusing on developers, we also have musicians at our heart. We have provided a platform for them to sale their music through our Mobi store. Its secure music on the store cannot be pirated or copied in the same way a CD is done. Hence people can buy their music through the mobi store and this will add revenue directly to the artist without being affected by piracy.

Listen to our sound cloud full audio interview coming up soon for details……

That’s all behind the scenes for the Astro’s  Mobi store, we certainly can’t much as they have said they are officially launching it during the coming E-tech expo !





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