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Instagram hiding photo-shopped images


Instagram has rolled out a new feature that flags fake photos as part of efforts to combat misinformation and fake news.

When pictures are flagged, Instagram makes it more difficult to view the images from the Explore and Hashtags menus.

The posts are still visible within feeds and on user pages, but when another user attempts to open them in full-screen mode, they receive the following warning:

“False Information – Reviewed by independent fact-checkers.”

However, artists have bemoaned the new feature saying it hurts the proliferation of digital art where virtual reality is one of the recognized practices

Instagram has said that the system uses “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to identify which photos to pass onto third-party independent fact-checkers. If those fact-checkers determine that a photo is fake, it’s hidden behind a warning message before anyone can view it.

Nicole Madziwa

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