Instagram blocks “plastic surgery” filters


Instagram has banned selfie filters that show what users would look like if they had plastic surgery as they are concerned about its effect on mental health.

These filters might show a face-lift, fillers or liposuction and all of these have been banned. Mental health experts suggest that these face-changing filters can make people feel worse about the way they look.

Instagram says that the ban is only being done to promote self love and well being.

In August, an update to the Instagram app allowed users to create their own virtual effects, such as animations and custom face filters that can be superimposed on images and videos.

Instagram has since removed its “Fix Me” filter, which draws pen marks all over user’s faces to point out the areas a cosmetic surgeon could do plastic work on, like lifts and tucks. Users will also no longer be able to access its “Plastica” filter, which gives someone a brow lift or bigger lips.

Instagram said they are not sure how long it will take to remove all the filters, but the ban has been welcomed by many users.

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