Innate Solutions Introduces A Management Application


Innate Solutions a software development company based in Harare, have come up with an application that can make small to medium enterprises run their business more effectively (reduced costs).

The main problem which the application answers is making business much more easier to run, through in build systems of retaining sales and maximizing cost effectiveness, that will increase profit in an organization.

The application does the following functions :


Record sales
A user can record sales of the company beginning at a certain period of time to have sales records in place.

Record customer details
The application enables the user to keep a database of customer who do business with the organization.

View sales by period
One can see the number of sales through entering the records each time when there is a sale, this makes easier to make sales projections due to the information provided by the graph. By managing stocks, and keeping the data of all the customers which do business with company, bookkeeping is also made error free.

Most small retail business owners cannot efficiently organize their stocks, sales records and retain customers in a cost effective way that conveniently reflects their business position.
The application is run on a 2.3 android system and only works on a mobile application that runs with a android 2.3 and above.

The other advantage of using the application is cutting down labor costs by having to use your mobile with software that can record almost every bit of information of business activities. This application is most suitable for startups and even huge companies who are trying to manage small subsidiaries to avoid loses

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