Information Services A VAS For All Mobile Operators.

With the national call rate diminishing, mainly because of alternative means of communication, especially the IP based like Whatsapp, Skype and other VoIP, Mobile operators will need to look for new Value Added Services (VAS) to remain relevant tot their subscribers.

Its time mobile operators started to consider Information Services as a Strategic Issue. Information Services should account for more of an operator’s revenues.

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The question is how can MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) deliver more information to the consumers?

Information services

It is no longer enough for MNO’s to offer transport alone in the Information Delivery Value Chain (diagram below) because transport is a small part of the process by which information is delivered to the consumer.


The process of delivering Information is a value chain: Transport is a part

1     Generate 

2     Categorise

3      Comment

4      Format

5      Transport

6      Personalise

7     Present

TRANSPORT  COVERS ITEMS 4 TO 7 ABOVE , and this is not enough for MNO’s.
MNO’s should focus their efforts on the type of information that is most valued by their typical customer. A Mobile Information Service should typically cover the following : News, Financial, Entertainment, Travel, Assistance, Brand Services, Company, Personal Advice and Business Advice.
Letting customers choose the category of information that they desire is a good way to offer such kind of service.

The delivery of popular content to the mobile phone and smart devices cannot and should not be underestimated. Operators need to extend their position in the Information Services value chain because already they know quite a lot about the consumer, even where they are.

Categories of useful information are:

News                                   : World News, Finance, Business, Gossip, Sport, Weather, Politics, Lottery

Financial                         : Headlines, Equities, FX Commodities, Derivatives, Tomorrows Events

Entertainment            : Events, Football, Horse Racing, Cinema, TV, Jokes

Travel                                 : Hotels, Pubs, Guides, Insurance, Accident Insurance, Local entertainment

Assistance                       : Directory enquiries, Secretarial, Emergency, Sales Enquiries, Ticketing

Brand Services              : Phones, Tariffs, Coverage, Special Offers, Assistance, Value Added Services

Company                           : News, E-mails, Voicemail, Company Directory, Research

Personal Advice            : Medical, Legal, Accident, Financial, Security, Counselling, Directory

Business Advice            : Property, Legal, Accounting & Taxation, Computer Advice, Telecoms Advice, Small     business guide, Industrial Relations & Human Resources


Yes Money Payment Services are appreciated,they bring convenience and comfort yes they have a role to play but is that all there is to offer?

Mobile Money Consumers are starved off the content and information that they really desire and in some cases are willing to pay for. Would’nt it be nice to get traffic updates based on the roads you use as you travel, and the convenience of knowing that Robots at a given intersection are not operational due to technicalities or incompetence. After The Mobile Payment Platforms they remains a lot of VAS (Value Added Services) that can be tailored en mass or personalised to individuals as best suits them.


MNO’s     Value = Utility * Timeliness* Uniqueness – Inconvenience



What can I do with this information?
How much does it enhance my life? (i.e. increasing individuals productivity).

For most individuals things to do with finance, things of relevance to their business and things to do with my hobbies e.g. World cup fans.


What can I still do with this information?
Am I the first source of this information?
Will my boss value this, will my client appreciate this?

Is the information relevant to where I am and to what I’m thinking about right now?


This information source, is it the only one, how reliable is it?


How difficult was the information to obtain?
Convenience is priceless.


Mobile Network Operators lets begin to create value for our Valued Customers.


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